Wind Turbine Control Panels

High-Performance Control Panels for Wind Turbines in India

Prima Automation specializes in designing and building advanced control panels for electrical systems in wind turbines and wind energy applications. We offer customized pitch control and standard systems catering to wind turbines of all sizes.

Our expertise lies in delivering cutting-edge pitch control solutions, utilizing the latest technology and innovative designs for new and existing wind turbine installations. Prima Automation excels in providing efficient and safe control panels for wind turbines, with versatile expertise to empower renewable energy generation. And it makes us one of the leading manufacturers of Wind Turbine Control Panels in India.

Wind Turbine Pitch Control System India

Prima Automation specializes in providing advanced pitch control panels for wind turbines in India. Our pitch control system adjusts the incidence of rotor blades based on real-time wind speed, optimizing output power and maximizing the utilization efficiency of wind energy. With high-performance controllers and precise instructions, the control system ensures optimal power generation while protecting the turbine’s operation. Choose Prima Automation for a reliable and efficient Pitch Control system.

What Makes Our Wind Turbine Control Panels Standout?

Power Panel:

We have designed it for Wind Turbines up to 2.1 MW, ensuring efficient power distribution.

Pitch (Hub) Panel:

We have tailored it up to 2.1 MW, enabling precise blade pitch control.

Top Panel:

We have Specially Engineer it up to 2.1 MW, providing essential control functions.

Reactive Power Compensation Panel:

It is optimized for wind turbines up to 2.1 MW, ensuring power factor correction and grid stability.

Distribution Panel:

It facilitates the effective distribution of power within the wind turbine system.

Nacelle Test Panel:

We have specifically developed it up to 2.1 MW, enabling thorough testing and diagnostics.

Computerized System for Panel Testing:

Utilized to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability.