Batch Mix Plant Controller

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Control Panels

Batch mix plant controller is designed to regulate the flow of materials like sand, cement,
water, and aggregate. Prima is a leading Asphalt batch mix plant control panel manufacturer
that makes high-grade panels for the systems. Batch mixing is a very important part of the
construction. Therefore, Asphalt batch mix plant control panels are used extensively in the
construction industry. We have been supplying a huge number of panels to the construction
industry for an extensive period.

Prima is known as one of the topmost Asphalt batch mix plant control panels manufacturers
and our panels are used widely in the road construction industry. A few of the top features of
the batch mix plant controller systems include timer controls, sequence controls, a
collaboration of the material, and many more.

Here’re a few of the top features of Prima’s Asphalt batch mix plant control panels:

● Our panel systems come with LCD Display (240×128) to show material set percentage,
material set kg as well as the material actual kg as per flow.
●  The system is capable of working in batch mode (Auto, Semi, Manual), and also in the
display mode (Line/Bypass) selection.
● The system has a real-time clock so the current time and date can be seen on LCD even
if the user can change this value.
● LCD is capable of showing all readings on a single screen.
● LCD has different settings and view frames. Therefore, it is considered one of the most
user-friendly panels.
● The system has 24 keys for programming/setting/view parameters.
● Total reset facility with time and date.

Asphalt batch mix plant control panels are used in several systems, and they are mostly used in
the construction industry. However, different types of panels and systems could be used for
different purposes. Therefore, Prima manufactures different types of panels for a wide range of

Our main aim is to make sure that we manufacture high-quality Asphalt batch mix plant control
panels. We use certified and tested material to make the panels. We also make sure that we
test the panels multiple times before selling them to the client.
If you want to know more about our asphalt batch mix plant control panels and Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Control Panels, then please contact us.