Power Distribution Panel Manufacturers

Delivering Quality Solutions for Efficient Power Distribution

Our industrial control panels, including Power Distribution Panels, are available in various standards and bespoke configurations, ensuring the perfect fit for your needs. Our Power Distribution Panels provide comprehensive power distribution and monitoring solutions. They are designed with the necessary safety features and accessories to ensure safe operation and operator safety. On Collaborating closely with customers, Design engineers create optimum solutions tailored to your requirements. We offer modular designs in PCC, allowing for easy relocation of feeders and minimizing downtime.

No#1 Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers

Prima Automation is one of the fastest-growing electrical control panel manufacturers catering to various industries. With our expertise in Power and Control Panels, we deliver reliable solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Our range of Power Distribution control panels enables precise control over voltage and reactive power in power systems. These panels efficiently direct power from multiple sources to different loads, providing division and supply power control for further distribution. They incorporate switches for redirection, ensuring seamless switching, protection, and metering.

CE Certified Control Panel India

Partner with Prima Automation for CE-certified control panels in India that meet the highest quality and compliance. Our experienced team possesses the necessary design expertise to meet the specific CE certification requirements.

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