Mobile Mix Controller

Wet Mix Controller is designed to monitor the flow of materials like Aggregate, Mineral filler and Water. This is a very popular concept used in road construction industry. It has many additional features like Synchronization, Totalisation of material, Timer controls etc. More detail specifications are as below.

  • LCD Display (20×4) to show flow indication, totals and set percentage values etc.
  • System is capable to work in Actual (load cell line) or Set (load cell bypass) mode as well as water rate line/bypass selection.
  • System has real-time clock so current time & date can be seen on LCD display with the facility for the user to change the settings.
  • LCD is programmed to have current status frame, different setting and view frames.
  • System has 24 keys for programming/setting/view parameters.
  • Auto tarring facility with alarm if any abnormality in load cells.
  • Total auto reset facility with time and date.
  • Digital interlock facility for auto/manual for proper sequence and protection.