Isolation Transformer

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As a foremost manufacturer of UL transformers India, Prima Automation is proud to offer industry-leading UL transformers and chokes. With our expertise, we have the capability to supply UL transformers and chokes rated for currents up to 1000V, ensuring unmatched performance. Our commitment to fully customized solutions ensures our products meet your unique requirements.

  • Strict adherence to ISO-based quality assurance system
  • Approved by leading power industries in India
  • First in India to achieve UL approval for control transformers
  • Meticulously designed with high-quality materials
  • Compliant with international quality standards
  • Trusted for performance, durability, and energy efficiency since 1989
  • Continuous innovation by our team of engineers
  • Customer-focused product development through extensive R&D
  • Leading the industry in conventional and renewable energy sectors
  • Manufacturing and exporting top-quality products

Isolation Transformers

We engineer isolation transformers with separate primary and secondary windings, distinguishing them from an autotransformer where the primary and secondary share a common winding. The use of isolation transformers offers several advantages:

Consistent Control Voltage:

The isolation transformer derives its control voltage from two phases, ensuring a steady and reliable power supply as opposed to relying on a phase and a neutral one.

Protection against Main Line Disturbances:

With the primary winding isolated from the secondary, any disturbances occurring on the main power line will not affect the control voltage, safeguarding sensitive equipment.

Protection from Welding and Lightning:

Isolation transformers protect equipment effectively from disturbances caused by welding operations and lightning strikes, preventing potential damage.

Ultra-Isolation Option:

For highly-sensitive equipment, ultra-isolation transformers are available, providing an extra layer of isolation and shielding against electrical noise and interference.