Control Room

Prefabricated Control Room

Creating Secure and Functional Environments

Prima Automation offers a comprehensive range of prefabricated control rooms that fit your budget and requirements. We design control rooms using top-grade equipment and expert craftsmanship. Trust Prima Automation’s expertise to provide you with a tailor-made prefabricated control room, ensuring secure housing for your control equipment and a productive, comfortable workspace for your team.

• Off-site construction and ready-to-use delivery for convenience
• Reliable protection against adverse weather conditions and vandalism
• Innovative design with double-layered steel construction (except the bottom) for durability
• High-quality insulation for enhanced weather resistance
• Three-sided UV-resistant glass panels for clear visibility and security
• Steel surfaces coated with high-quality epoxy paint for weather protection and aesthetic appeal
• Manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standards for world-class reliability

What Sets Our Prefabricated Control Rooms Apart

Our prefabricated control rooms boast unique features that set them apart from the competition:

Compact Construction:

Our control rooms occupying minimal floor space facilitate efficient utilization of your facility’s footprint.

User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance:

Our control rooms are designed for convenient use and maintenance, ensuring smooth operations with minimal effort.

Enhanced Cooling:

Specially designed ventilation openings facilitate air circulation, enhancing cooling efficiency and maintaining optimal working conditions.

Comfortable Working Environment:

Our control room with high-quality air-conditioning units provides a comfortable atmosphere for your personnel.

Streamlined Operation:

Our control rooms feature simplified operational processes, allowing for seamless control and monitoring from a single point.

Easy Installation:

The four legs with bolt mounting arrangements inclusion enable simple 10-minute installations, maximizing customer convenience and providing immediate results.

Space Optimization:

With their compact design, our control rooms require minimal space for installation, ensuring efficient use of your facility’s resources.

Choose Prima Automation’s prefabricated control rooms for a secure, functional, and reliable solution that enhances the performance of your control systems.