PLC Control Panels India

Prima Automation, a premier PLC control panel manufacturer in India, is proud to offer top-notch PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control panels. Our panels find applications across various industries, catering to the diverse needs of our esteemed clients. We bring extensive experience in delivering highly efficient control panels to companies nationwide.

EIL Approved Panel Manufacturers

Prima Automation, as one of the EIL-approved panel manufacturers, proudly creates high-end, highly functional control panels for our discerning customers. Our PLC control panels, manufactured by our esteemed team, meet the highest quality standards. These panels play a significant role in various electrical circuit fittings, offering exceptional efficiency and value. With solid PLC logic and high output at low power consumption, our control panels are renowned for their reliability and performance.

What Sets Us Apart As PLC Control Panels India

  • ¬†Cutting-edge technology of our PLC control panels for enhanced efficiency.
  • We prioritize versatility and usefulness for our valued clients.
  • Our focus on speed and innovation meets evolving needs.

VFD Control Panel Manufacturer

Prima Automation excels as a VFD control panel manufacturer, delivering unparalleled precision and reliability. Our VFD Panels (Variable Frequency Drive panels) control the speed of electric motors and feed pumps and adhere to the highest quality standards. With a modular design, excellent power range, and user-friendly HMI control interface, our VFD panels solve complex applications without hassle.

Harmonic Filters for VFD India

Prima Automation has developed efficient Harmonic filters for VFD in India, tailored to suit similar loads. Our passive filter components ensure ruggedness, reliability, and low maintenance. With their cost-effectiveness and easy implementation, our harmonic filters improve power quality while minimizing harmonic distortion.

Prima Uses Advanced Technology

One of the most prominent features that make us a top choice of the industries countrywide is that we use cutting-edge technology to make the control panels. We ensure that we incorporate the latest technology in the manufacturing unit to make the PLC control panels in India. We also incorporate advanced technology in the control panels to ensure they work very efficiently. We and our team incorporate the latest technology within the PLC control panels and prefabricated control room wherever applicable to make the panels much more useful for the clients.