Textile Machine Panel Manufacturers in India

Prima is one of the leading textile machine panel manufacturers in India. We have supplied a
large variety of automation solutions to textile machine manufacturers like Stovec, Alidhra
Machines, ATE Industries, Sapru Machines, and Patel Fibers. We have extensive experience in
making the latest and advanced textile machine panels for the textile industry. As we have been
making a wide range of panels, therefore, we are one of the top choices of the companies to
buy textile machine panels.

Reasons to buy panels from Prime, one of the best textile machine panel manufacturers
in India:

Prima believes in the use of cutting-edge technology

One of the main reasons that make Prima a favorite of many companies is that all our panels
and machines are made using the latest technology. Also, we incorporate cutting-edge or latest
technology within the panels or machines. This is done to make sure that the clients can make
the most of the products that we supply. Prima was regarded as one of the first Indian
companies to develop a solution for rotary screen-printing machines based on servo motors.

Prima has an advanced manufacturing setup

We have a high-tech manufacturing unit to make panels for the clients. We are considered one
of the topmost textile machine panel manufacturers in India because we have the right setup
and machinery to make the latest and useful panels and machines for the clients. Also, our
cutting-edge setup helps us make the panels and machines faster and with higher accuracy. We
have a strict quality process as well that enables us to check all our panels and machines before
supplying them to the clients. This makes sure that we supply only good quality and functional
machines and panels to clients across the world.

Prima has developed a complete solution for the following applications.

  • Draw Text rising machine.
  • Draw Twisting machine.
  • Sizing machine.
  • Draw Winding machine.
  • Stenter Machine.
  • Multicolour Textile printing machine.

Apart from the applications mentioned above, there could be more uses for the textile machine panels. If you would like to know more about our textile machine panels, please feel free to contact us as we are Pharma Machine Panel Manufacturers too.