UL Hazardous area panel

UL Hazardous Area Panel

UL hazardous area panels or UL 508A panels are manufactured to be used in hazardous
conditions as the name suggests. They are designed to effortlessly function in hazardous
environments, for example, the areas that have higher concentrations of liquids, vapors,
flammable gases, etc. Also, the UL panels in India are built to work in tough conditions. The
products that are certified to work in hazardous conditions can also be used in the areas that
have combustible particles which may even pose risks of ignition and explosion. UL hazardous
area panels made by Prima are perfect to be used in risky conditions as they are specifically
designed to be used in such conditions.

Prima, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the UL hazardous area panel has
gained all the valuable and significant certifications needed to make the UL panels in India. Our
expert UL hazardous area panel manufacturers and engineers use certified techniques to make
the panels. All the UL panels in India are manufactured in an extremely regulated area of
control manufacturing.

Prima Automation – UL Hazardous area panel

Prima is thoroughly conversant in manufacturing high-quality UL 508A panels in India. Our
manufacturing units meet the required hazardous location standards and regulations. We are
also capable of making high-quality as well as efficient products as per the specific
specifications described by the client.

We also take all the necessary precautions needed to make sure that the products are safe to
use. Our UL hazardous area panel is certified and carefully serves the purpose. The panel is
manufactured using certified material. Also, we make sure that we follow all the standards that
are required to make the UL panels in India as well as all the other hazardous products.

Prima takes utmost care of the clients. Our main focus is to deliver the clients exactly what they
want, therefore, we also cater to the customization requirements. If you would like to discuss
your specific demands with us, please feel free to contact our team. We will be happy to listen
to your requirements and offer the best plans to serve you.

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