Our Team

Team Prima is an integral part of the company's operations. Driven by technical experts, experienced professionals and strong marketing personnel, the team at Prima derives its strength from its astute management, who lead from the front and ensure that every area of operation is diligently handled. From top management right down to floor staff, team Prima works together with each other with the vision of fulfilling the needs of its clients with cutting-edge products.

The company conducts several motivational and employee enrichment programs to ensure that morale of its team remains high. Prima also employees services of experts in modern technological trends to impart training to its team with the vision of fostering optimum production functionality.

Team Members

Mitin Patel

Managing Director

30+ years

Vinod Patel

Executive Director

30+ years

Prakash Mistry

Manufacturing Head

30+ Years

Paresh Gami

Electrical Manufacturing Head

35+ Years

Stanley Christian

SCM Head

25+ Years

Jignesh Patel

Customer Support Head

20+ years

Nirav Patel

Design Head

10+ years

Upesh Patel

Electronics Head

15+ years