Multi Fold Section Enclosures

The range of multi folds metal cubicles, consisting of a structure of closed profiles with welded solid steel component giving the assembly an optimum stability and flexibility. These cubicles made from sheet steel profiles that are provided with multi pattern holes for complete flexibility to the user for their applications.

Wall Mounting Enclosures
Height Width Depth
1800 600 400
2000 800 600
2200 1000 800
2200 1200 1000
  • Designed for quick assembly and high levels of on-site flexibility.
  • Folding design ensures superior surface finish, reduces welding process, easy handling and low transportation cost.
  • It is suitable for top and bottom cable entry.
  • 19" rack mounting arrangement is achievable.
  • Swing door arrangement is optional.
  • Mounting plates are bolted and interchangeable.
  • Single door front and rear, double door front and rear are optional.
  • Ingress protection level IP-55 is supplied in standard design.
  • Doors, side wall, top cover & rear cover are removable.
  • The rigidity of the cubicle is ensured by the using a solid steel corner block for better rigidity. Lifting bolts thread directly into the solid corner blocks.
  • Control panels.
  • Transformer panels.
  • Plc panels.
  • Instrumentations panels.
  • Drives panels.
  • Rectifier panels.