Cement Concrete Plant Controller

Cement Concrete Plant Controller is designed to monitor as well as regulate the flow of materials like Aggregate, Cement, Fly ash and Additives. This is very popular concept used in road construction industry.

  • 16 Bit ADC for accurate weighing of material.
  • Easy to understand comprehensive Mimic for plant visualization.
  • SCADA for easy operation.
  • 25 Recipe storage.
  • The set weights are reduced for offset (flying weight) entered in the setting screen.
  • Water is being measured through flow meter for precise weighing while it is discharged through hopper to increase cycle time.
  • Material filling is simultaneously done while the first lot is in mixer.
  • Cycle time is controlled by Dry Mix time, Wet mix time, mixer discharge time and water discharge time. It is about 50-60 seconds.
  • All motors are protected with Motor Circuit breakers for thermal over load and short circuit conditions.