Batch Mix Plant Controller

Batch Mix Plant Controller is designed for batch mix plant control panel to regulate the flow of materials like sand, cement, water and aggregate. This is a very popular concept used in road construction industry. It also has additional features like Sequence Control, Totalisation of Material, Timer Controls, etc.

  • This system comes with LCD Display (240x128) to show material set %, material set kg and material actual kg as per flow .
  • System is capable to work in batch mode (Auto, Semi, Manual) as well as display mode (Line/Bypass) selection.
  • System has real time clock so current time & date can be seen on LCD display even user can change this value.
  • LCD is capable to show all readings on single screen.
  • LCD has different setting and view frames.
  • System has 24 keys for programming/setting/view parameters.
  • Tare and Total reset facility with time and date.