Air Compressor Controller

Compressor Controller by Prima Automation is yet another ground breaking product, which focuses on delivering powerful performance while increasing the life and the efficiency of the compressors.

The controller will vary from compressor to compressor, based on the inputs which measure the oil pressure, suction pressure, discharge pressure, water pressure, alarm, temperature, etc. Different parameters are calculated and the compressor's capacity is set accordingly.

  • This system comes with LCD Display (20x4) to show compressor status and capacity values etc.
  • System has real-time clock.
  • LCD is programmed to have current status frame, different setting frames and different view frames.
  • System has 24 keys for programming/setting/view parameters.
  • Digital input, output status and fault status for easy fault finding.
  • Digital Input/output Swapping Facility for faulty input/output.
  • Display data scrolling facility.
  • Plug and socket type back terminal.
  • System has optional RS-232 interface for SCADA communication.
  • The controller provides protection against erroneous setting entry/condition.