Free Standing Enclosure

These types of enclosures are manufactured with optional design of welded structure & bolted design in which all sides of enclosures are removable. Mounting plate is provided from zinc plated steel sheet for the purpose of mounting electrical instruments & accessories. The gland plate can be provided either on a top or a bottom side depending as per function.

Free Standing Enclosures
Height Width Depth
2000 800 800
2000 800 900
  • Wall mounting cubicles are available up to 1500mm height.
  • The hinges are concealed and easily removable with 120 degree opening.
  • The canopy can be provided if required of outdoor function.
  • The cubicles are mounted directly on a wall with help of mounting brackets.
  • The ingress of protection design is available up to Ip-65 levels.
  • Distribution boxes.
  • Junction boxes.
  • Starter boxes.
  • Meter boxes.
  • Remote control boxes.